Friday, October 22, 2010

Audrey ...

Little Miss Priss bounces up the front door steps, holds out her hands, and says " I painted my fingernails AND my toenials, do ya like'em?" Well, after that we had a GREAT 2 hour session. She helped me decide where and how she would sit, when to change her clothes, and when to smile and when not to. She LOVED max, but told me "Oh No ! I'm allergic ... just a little" and even so, insisted on a pic or two with him, and it is too stinkin' cute , and so are those dimples of hers !Mom, I hope she didn't break out too bad!

And last But Cetainly Not Least ..

Miss Kaylin...... Had fun helping "K" pick out her outfits, and I especially love the skirt, hat & boots ! Kaylin, here is your sneak-peek

PHS Senior #3 Miss Chelsea

Chelsea really wanted a shot or two with the horse even though she was just a little unsure if they were gonna get along or not , but Chelsea and the horse were both very sweet. Chelsea, here is a snesk-peek for you until get your entire proof gallery completed

PHS Senior #2 - Phillip

I don't think this young man was too happy about having to have his pics done, but before we were done, i think he was actually enjoying himself .. just a little ... Just a little Sneak-peek while I continue to edit your sessions

Busy Busy Week....

Tuesday & Wednesday of this week was spent shooting pics of four PHS seniors down in Wing, Al. We had horses, woods, hay, and even cows for our outdoor sessions and the weather cooperated perfectly!Here is the first of the four ... Miss P.J

Thursday, October 14, 2010


A few headshots of our beautiful Kathryn.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Miss casey

Time for Miss Casey's yearly photoshoot, and boy has she overcome her shyness! We also included a few Christmas shots as well as a few to show a little "Team Spirit. "A" here is your Sneak-Peek. Hope to have your completed proof gallery ready in about 10 days

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Crazy Lulabelle

Not only is she crazy, she is funny, opinionated, and NEVER shuts up, and some of the things she says !!! She decided we needed to do a mini-session so she could dress up in various Halloween costumes so she can "see herself" and decide what she wants to be. Finally she threw up her hands, said "ALRIGHT" enough already! you done taked a thousand of me now I am taking some of YOU, and marched herself right over to me and my camera and said " Hand it over!" BOY, you should have heard her barking out instructions on how I was to pose .. it was hilarious! So ... here are a few of her costume options

Addy's 3 month session - "Take 2"

Still not crazy about the camera! We did do better than the first time, but we have decided that we are shooting her pics at the wrong time of day ! Seems about this time ( one-ish ) evey day she fights sleep and throws one more serious hissy fit! lol