Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morgan ...

My last high school senior session before they all graduate tonight! I had a great time working with Morgan and the weather totally cooperated allowing us to get some beautiful last minute portraits for her.... is she not absolutely GORGEOUS!


Time for Hunters 3 month session. This sweetie sure does make me work for those grins! When he starts crawling we aren't gonna be able to keep him corraled! He does NOT like to be put down and still for long, he was perfectly content as long as Mom and I were standing and holding him so he could see everything around him. He is gonna be totally fun when he comes for his 6 month session!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Graduates...

While Em will be graduating from High School Lexi will be graduating Kindergarten . Thought it was kinda cool that both of them at ages 18 & 5 are graduating at the same time, and of course HAD to have pics together. Lexi was excited to wear a cap & gown like and with her Emmy

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Time for Miss Abby's 6 month session and she is such a cutie pie, and ALWAYS comes in with her nails and toes done ! She is a litle stinker! the biggest, best smiles were reserved for AFTER we put the camera down. And ...I couldn't resist trying out the "chicken Coop" idea I just couldn't seem to get outta my head LOL ...It is too cute , but still needs some perfecting, and of course I have an idea or two, enjoy the Sneak - Peek of Miss Abby until I finish editing her session

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I was RIGHT ! Miss Adley is 3 weeks old and BEAUTIFUL! She was born 4 days after we did Mom's maternity session. Boy did we cut that close!I couldn't WAIT to play with this baby the other day! I made a special headband just for her !!

Easter Sunday....

I always try and get everybody matching outfits for Easter as well as Christmas pictures. Lex wasn't feeling well , we ended up with outfits for just the kids, nobody was in a picture mood so , needless to say pics this time did NOT go well