Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Upsy Daisy Childrens' Boutique in Florala has become one of Lexi's favorite places to shop. When she gets a new outfit we try and get pics.Sometimes we get something worthy enough for Courtney to display in the store. This time, however,  88 degrees and  no nap made for a VERY grouchy 6 year old!


We had an unseasonably warm , but BEAUTIFUL afternoon for Kelsey's St. Patrick's Day session. The last time I saw her she was probably about 7. She has grown into an absolutely beautiful young woman,  I really enjoyed  capturing these images for her Mom! Patty, she is GORGEOUS!

Friday, March 16, 2012


I  LOVE my babies, however, I seem to shoot more little boys lately so I sure do get excited when I get the opportunity to get my hands on a precious baby girl! She did great for her first photo shoot and is a DOLL 


This little cutie was a HOOT! she was totally ready for her session and especially excited about the bunnies. She talked the entire time and when we were done, wanted ME to carry her up the hill to where we were parked. She is a MESS and I had a great time with her!

Monday, March 12, 2012


This family session was a bit challenging LOL...  Colton, well.. he's two, soooo what do we want , right? He was SO funny! he was not in the mood for portraits, BUT we still managed to get some anyway, and little brother who is only 9 weeks, was a total sweetheart! we will be doing his 3 month session soon and I can't wait ! 


I love how Danielle's session turned out! we had a blast ! She is the most outgoing, funniest girl you will ever meet, BUT she sure knows how to go into Model Mode" when we put her in front of the camera! Did I mention I LOVE how these turned out?!?!


Boy, is her first year going by FAST ! We decided on outdoors for her 9 month  session .We had a very warm, windy day and as usual, Aleeah rocked the outfit category!

Kennedy & Coopie

This HAD to be THE most rewarding and fun session I have done in over a year! Since having been diagnosed with Leukemia nearly a year ago, sweet Cooper has had VERY limited contact with others , or  the luxury of being able to play outdoors. Nearing the end of his first year , and entering the "maintainence" stage of his treatment, I was blessed to be able to be a part of one of his first ventures outdoors and capture some beautiful images of him & his sister for their mom whom I love dearly!!!!!!!