Friday, May 22, 2020


A new Auburn Tiger Alumni ... Tanner came in for a few cap & gown images .. and true to form....COVID -19 craziness reared itself.... again.. we had a cap ... but no gown ... NO PROBLEM !! we had fun capturing a few outdoor casuals anyway and will finish up in full attire ASAP !

Wednesday, May 20, 2020


adjective: non-essential
  1. not absolutely necessary.

 Nobody likes to be told they are NOT necessary ! whether it comes from another individual, or in this case your own home state ! Given the situation , maybe it's not personal but at the same time it IS PERSONAL ... personal to me , to you .. the one(s) who are currently deemed "NON-ESSENTIAL" ... NOT NECESSARY!  This can be devastating to your mental health, your self esteem, your place, your purpose in this world both personally and professionally, your assessment of your own self worth, your outlook on life after COVID-19 ..... will you prevail or will you fail ? will you ever again be essential or will the world continue to deem you unnecessary? With that being said , in a world currently full of negatives, force yourself to find and focus on the positives .... 

Amidst all the turmoil and uncertainty surrounding us daily as we adjust to the "New Norm" ... We may not be able to see our lives in the way we are accustomed to and in as much as COVID Quarantine has caused us to miss what we consider "normal" .. that same quarantine has given us time to see , enjoy and appreciate things that we may have otherwise taken for granted and forgot to be thankful for .... Back yard swinging, fetch ( with milk bones,) beautiful blue skies, long dirt road walks, playing in the creek, turtles, kitty cats, baby goats, new fur friends, horses and the occasional snake 🐍 🤷 the sound of birds singing, water rippling over the rocks,  thunderstorms and rainbows. To the rest of the world .. I may not be needed, I may not be necessary, I may be non - essential , but to these 2 ... I AM ESSENTIAL !! EVERYDAY 💓🐾 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Logan _ Cap & Gown

We shot some outdoor images for Logan before this whole "COVID " thing was a reality ..  Until last week  a date for graduation  was still up in the air ! As soon as Mom got the green light and a date from school officials .. we were ON IT !! .. we got Logan in for some Cap & Gown shots AND ... managed to order and  GET personalized invitations for Mom to get out in the mail BEFORE graduation this Thursday !

Grant - Cap & Gown

Slowly but surely ... the State allowed for small businesses to re-open. As of May 11th we were allowed to re-open our doors with restrictions of course and social distancing guidelines STILL in place. This worked out PERFECTLY for Grant and Kimber who were in need of some cap & gown portraits before this Thursday's graduation ceremony!

John Harper

COVID-19 Quarantine has been especially hard on all our High School Seniors as well! We were able to get some great images for John Harper with an outdoor session that allowed us to stay within our social distancing guidelines