Saturday, July 30, 2011

Davis family

I had the pleasure of spending part of this morning with the Davis family. They were so much fun and I sure hope they enjoyed their day celebrating Mrs. Davis' birthday. She was a sweetheart! and all of the kids were very well behaved and considering it was already very hot and humid by 9:00 A.M did a great job patiently waiting their turns


The last time I saw Matthew he was 2. Now he is a whopping 4 and still cute as pie! It was extremely hot for his outdoor session, with the heat index it had to be over 100. BUT he was a total sweetie and I am SO proud of him , he did GREAT!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I totally enjoyed doing Brittany's maternity portraits for her! She was so much fun to work with, and is one of the most beautiful Moms-To-Be I have ever worked with! I am so looking forward to meeting baby Jae in October!


Miss Adley isn't too thrilled with this picture taking stuff just yet, and she doen't like hairbows or headbands either! but ... we had a long talk with her, she cried a little, but we think she understood and will do much better for her next session LOL

Miss Ashleigh

Miss Ashleigh was just as happy during this session as she was the last one. She even loved sitting in the "teacup' for me. Can't wait to see how she does for her 9 month session! 


Another maternity session shot "just in time" We knew we were cutting it close , so we decided to include a few outdoor shots along with Addy's one year session on Thursday just in case baby Claire made her arrival before our scheduled session on Monday, which she did!  

Miss Addy's outdoor portion of her last session for the year

 A "Little" behind on my blogging ! We finished up Miss Addy's "Babies First Year" program with a few outdoor shots. I totally LOVE her raincoat and boots!