Thursday, December 6, 2012


 Since Adalyn's session fell so close to the holidays, we dolled her up for Christmas and took several with Mom & Dad as well. Adalyn was such a good baby for her session , and is absolutely beautiful. I just LOVE her lips


Sanowa's 9 month session fell during the holidays so we incorporated family shots as well. her Mom always has the cutest outfits for her, and I can only imagine what she has in mind for her 1 year session!


 I had the best time with A.J ! we managed to get lots of great studio as well as outdoor shots. If she decides to come back for Cap & Gown, we just may have to take more!


 Having already done an outdoor maternity session elsewhere on Tuesday Nov. 13th, Jasmine chose a Christmas themed studio session with me on Wednesday the 14th


 I always LOVE seeing my sweet baby Grace and this time was no exception! She gets more beautiful every time I see her. Can't wait until her next session. Since Mom has a 7/8 hour drive to get here, we aren't sure exactly when her next session will be yet,  BUT we do know we definitely have plans for her first birthday !


 Kaden was the first of my "Babies First Year" participants with a session falling during the holidays so we included Christmas shots as well

Barrow family

 Not only did I go to school with Tanner's Nana Susan and my Mom worked with his GREAT Grandfather. Now, when I realized Tanner and his brother still had not only a Grandfather BUT their GREAT Grandfather as well, we HAD to have a picture of them together. I was not fortunate enough to have known  my Grandfather let alone my Great Grandfather so it really meant a lot to me to be able to capture these for Kasey!


 Drew's 6 month session sure did sneak up on us! Time sure does get away from you and they are grown before you know it!