Monday, March 16, 2009

ANOTHER Rainy Day And A Totally Off The Wall, Yet Educational Post!

Okay ... Today is the THIRD day of rain, rain & MORE rain and "Cabin Fever" has SOOOOO set in... Therefore, I have decided to share my latest "project." Providing my own food for my Bluebirds. Any of you that feed birds or other pets, know Mealworms are EXPENSIVE! For less than the price of one Teensy-Weensy container of mealworms .. you CAN grow your own!

Prepare a small plastic container with a couple inches of bran or oats, add some worms, and a small piece of potato for moisture and food.... Replace every 2 - 3 days

Now ... Just wait .. And in about 3 weeks, the worms will start to turn into these Larvae Lookin' thingys like these....

Then in about 2-3 more weeks, these creatures turn into The Beatles" (Beetles) below .. Meet "Ringo & George ( or George"ette" IDK really LOL)
Now, supposedly in a few more weeks, George & Ringo will start to lay eggs that will hatch into  ... YEP, you guessed it! more WORMS ... THEN you should have an endless supply of food to keep your backyard guests happy ALL summer, and THIS should be a daily sight....

I DO have ONE question ... If they don't eat meal, and you don't grow them in meal ... WHY are they called MEALworms????

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